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may 5th. cinco de mayo. avalon in hollywood. @johnwestsongs. uni. @mateoonline. elevators. tinyurl.com/may5tix i go on at 8pm ( :

– May 4th, 2010

New YouTube videos; special treat

Hey guys. I know I haven’t been as consistent as I want to with the YouTube requests. Thats why I just uploaded and put together a handful of videos for you. I have Paper Houses (stickam.com version), Arctic Outcry Wind (Come On Kid album version), and a special surprise: One Last Song (the version that was supposed to be on Come On Kid). You guys are the best, and I’ll try to be more consistent. Send requests to my account either on my comments or to my inbox. You guys are the best. Lemingheads forever!

Buy your Josiah Leming merchandise bundle!

Hey guys, in case you haven’t heard, Josiah has put together a limited off merchandise bundle, with some cool stuff like signed EP’s, t-shirts, posters, buttons, etc.  All the information is included in the image below. But don’t wait, Josiah is only selling them for a limited amount of time!

Watch Josiah’s performance from MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

In case you couldn’t make it or watch it, Josiah’s performance from yesterday at the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge is now online. You can find it here. Enjoy!

Cutting down…

Hey guys, just giving a quick check in. As most of you know, JL performed a couple new songs on last week’s broadcast, however it was removed. Part of the reason he brought it down is because of things like what I do and take songs and rip them and put them on YouTube for all you lovely people. So I’m going to cut down on it, because I don’t want to ruin all this new stuff for everyone. The message from Josiah I have is below…sorry for the inconvenience.

no man it doesn’t upset me. just know that stuff like that is the reason i had to pull down the live broadcast this past week, and why sometimes i don’t do all the things i’d like to as far as new music goes. i would just do it in moderation, ya know. no worries man. thanks for all the support. ( :

Listen to the new “Come On Kid”

As Josiah promised, he has uploaded the new “Come On Kid” to his MySpace music page. Unfortunately he did not upload it because we reached 11,000 fans (for some reason they seemed to drop), however it is there regardless. He has also uploaded versions of “To Run” and “Arctic Outcry Wind” as they will appear on his debut album. “Come On Kid” will be released July 13, 2010. Enjoy!

Cover of the Week: basketcase5295

Hey guys! For this week’s “Cover of the Week” selection, I chose basketcase5295’s cover of “Song Without A Reason”. This song is an excellent cover, with the piano top notch! The vocals are also pretty good for a hard song to cover. Congratulations!

To submit your videos for our “Cover of the Week” segment, submit a link or your video to angyal_guy93@yahoo.com

Reminder: Josiah playing at the Gibson

Just to remind you all, Josiah has a free show at the Gibson show room this Sunday at 6:30 PST. The show will also be broadcasted on Stickam. To get in you must have your ticket, which you submit your name  to josiahlemingcontest@gmail.com and if you win, you will receive an e-mail with the information. Josiah has said that people in attendance will receive a free copy of “Come On Kid” months before the release. To all of those lucky enough to go, congratulations!

Cover of the Week: ALonelyHello

Hey guys, so to kick off “Cover of the Week”, I’ve picked ALonelyHello’s cover of “One Last Song”. It is an excellent guitar rendition of the song, and the vocals are awesome! Congrats to ALonely Hello! If you would like to submit your cover for Cover of the Week, submit your cover (or link) to angyal_guy93@yahoo.com.

Fansite 2.0

Alright guys, so I’ve been contemplating what to do with the site over the past couple of days. Right now I’m working hard to promote Josiah and tell everyone about him. I’ve been telling all my friends and posting links to Josiah’s music on random music videos and going through chat rooms and stuff. So pretty much I’ve been swamped helping this dude out. I don’t have to do it, but I feel it’s my obligation as a fan.

So to get back on topic, I figured to keep promotion going, the best thing to do is also keep Josiah Leming Fansite. So I’ve converted my YouTube page to the Josiah Leming Fansite YouTube page. Im going to post updates every now and then on there and take song requests from you guys so that you guys get what you want to hear and promote Josiah’s songs at the same time. Check out the video below for all the information. You can access the Josiah Leming Fansite YouTube page here. Thanks guys, keep this going!

Help Josiah reach 11,000 fans!

Hey all! If you’ve been keeping up with what Josiah is up to, then you must know about the deal he cut with us. Josiah has promised us the new version of Come On Kid the second he reaches 11,000 fans on Facebook. It would be a great help to Josiah and the rest of us if you spread the word. You can access Josiah’s Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/josiahleming . Spread the word!

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