Josiah Talks : AI Producers Manipulate Contestants

LOL ok I admit, I have been reading a lot of Josiah forums. Specifically, over at VFTW. Those guys are the best! Anyway, Josiah posted this:

As much as i want to hate AI with all of my heart, they have given me something no one else has, and that is exposure, and a chance to leave a lasting mark on people. I never met Nigel, but all of the associate producers were amazing and so sweet and kind, and i will never forget their kindness to me. They fed me well, and put me up in a very nice hotel and flew me to california for free, and i will never say a bad word on them. There were times when i felt munipulated but over all looking back, they’ve done the most amazing thing for me, putting me in front of america and giving me a chance, and as much as i’d like to, i could never be upset with them. I had an amazing audition in hollywood, and then a bad one, but i know i deserved a spot on the top 24. but for some reason, TPTB as you call it did not share that opinion. It’s ok, bc i will never give up, and AI has launched my career and my status as a Singer/Songwriter. I will never have a voice like David A, or Carly, or a cool rocker vibe like David C or Robbie. I love all those guys and i grew very close to them during my time in california and i miss them dearly. But i have a personality that is truly unique and i have been blessed with a gift that not many people are given. I will never give up on my dreams and AI has only brought me one step closer to my dreams. I know that things happen for a reason, but i would have loved to be a part of the 24. Everything happens for a reason, and helps determine the people that we are in life.
I’m sorry that is a bit rambly, i’ve been hangin out with Jim Beam a bit too long tonight and i will post again tomorrow and i think it will make a bit more sense lol.
But you’re right about the fact that AI only picks people they can mold and make, and i made it clear to the producers from the beginning that i would not be that person.
Josiah Leming

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