Good News and Bad News

An article from Wane about Josiah being given a car and Josiah’s mom.

(Fort Wayne – WANE)  America first met Josiah Leming on the music reality show American Idol.

The high school dropout left home when he was 17 and was living in his car, chasing his dream of becoming a singer-songwriter.

He was eventually cut from the show, but not before winning over the hearts of some in Fort Wayne.

This week, local radio hosts Dirk Rowley and Jeannette Rinard from Majic 95.1 found out that Josiah’s live-in-car broke down.

So they set out to find a way to help.

Several members of the Fort Wayne community decided join the cause and reach out.

Glenbrook Hyundai donated a car and the Chamber of Commerce filled it with momentos from around Fort Wayne.

Mark McKibbon from Glenbrook Hyundai says, “It really does show what a great town we live in and the community we have here, you know around us.”

“The entire Fort wayne community just kind of came forward and just had this huge outpouring of love and support and help for Josiah, it’s just amazing,” says Rinard of Majic 95.1.

Originally, Josiah planned to come to Fort Wayne to pick up his new car and perform a small concert.

But just last night, Josiah’s mother was taken to the hospital after a bad reaction to chemotherapy.

Josiah describes what happened, “I got here and she wasn’t awake.  She was like in a coma because the chemo she just started is a really rough version.  We didn’t know what was wrong, She wouldn’t recognize anybody.”

But all of that won’t keep Josiah from his new car.

Dirk and Jeannette left this afternoon to deliver the car to him personally in Tennessee.

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