Josiah Talks : About His Myspace Status

lol, i had a feeling when i walked away from that camera, it was going to be on TMZ…good grief i’m tellin you these people are everywhere! i was actually going to a cafe to get a diet coke ( :about the status update, i’m good friends with both david A and his father. very nice people, the stab was at randy…and whoever said it was right, i’m going to be real, and act the way i usually act, and not worry about pissing people off. i love all my american idol fans, but i still need to reach more people with my music before it will translate into “commercial success”

haha, there are certain things i probably wouldn’t say if i knew how people would interprate them…that being said, i stand beside the things i say, bc i say what i mean. even if what i say offends people, i do not take things back, bc i do not say what i do not truly feel. take it or leave it ( :

i DID NOT WRITE the song anything beautiful. not the lyric, not the melody, not the music. i only sang it. wasn’t my favorite thing in the world, but it was a song i got paid to sing, i was in need of the money. it was submitted to be used in a downy commercial lol. nothing like the fresh scent of downy. needless to say, it wasn’t picked.

chris merritt wrote it, and he’s a cool guy, i respect him alot. he’s successful at what he does.

Source: VFTW

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