A Birthday Greeting From Josiah’s Mom

Happy Birthday to Two

Happy 19th Birthday, Josiah!
Happy 18th Birthday, Autumn!

Today marks a double milestone for our family. Don and I went to dinner with the two of them at a Mexican restaurant, then to the mall for some birthday shopping. At home, the whole family celebrated with Josiah’s traditional birthday choice, a cookie cake, and an ice cream cake for Autumn. We ended the day with a fast-paced game of scrabble, and both Andrew and Josiah outscored me by an embarrassing margin.

We’ve always tried to do separate celebrations for their birthdays, so that each one could have his/her choice of activities, but sometimes we do combine them. One of the most memorable was a birthday probably 10 years ago, when we had planned double slumber parties: a party at the church, followed by the girls spending the night there and the boys staying at our house. Each of them was allowed to invite six guests. We wanted to have plenty of time for all of the planned activities, so we requested on the invitations that the guests be allowed to come directly from school to our house. What we weren’t expecting — and certainly could not have predicted — was the several inches of snow that turned school out mid-morning. I had more than a dozen kids in the house (and out in the snow) all afternoon while I prepared the food, cake, and decorations for the party.

And I’m sure Autumn wouldn’t want me to tell you about the time that she threw up on several other family members in the van seat in front of her after a trip to Celebration Station …

Birthdays in our house are always an adventure. Like all of life, it’s a roller coaster ride that I enjoy with all of my heart. I hope the ride goes on and on …

Happy birthday, sweet babies! (I guess it’s too late to tell you to stop growing up so quickly.)

🙂 Sharon

Source: My Life With Cancer


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  1. dude change it autumn turn 18 last year! Boy need to update it do u understand???

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