Josiah’s Bulletin 04/10/08 Part II

 i am a human being

i make love, i take love, i lie, i cry, i hurt, i lose my head, i cheat, i use, i abuse…cut me open and i will bleed.

i’m not a celebrity, or an idol, or anything other that a human being, just like you. i’ve been given an amazing gift and opportunity, and i thank all of you for giving me the chance to use those things. without you i’m nothing.

but if you are going to leave me, and forget about me, and never listen to another note i sing simply due to the fact that i’m human and i make mistakes and do things seen in the public eye as wrong, then please leave now, and realize on your way out that you are the most inhumane, unforgiving, unreal human beings that live. Can we not appreciate the good in someone without condemning them due to their flaws? Can we really cast aside an honest effort with good intentions of a man bc of his downfalls? If so, then i want no part of you.

i would rather sell 2 cds, and go back to having nothing, while being real and human, than to sell 2 million cds and while trying to meet everyone else’s expectations, fail my own in the end.

I’m taking a long break, and when i come back, i’d like only the real, forgiving and lovely people to be here.

Josiah Leming

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