Josiah’s Bulletin 04/10/08

i am

taking a risk saying this but, it’s what i fucking feel.

Go to the Myspaces of the other people who made the top 50 (or 24) on American Idol. The ones that were shown more than once or twice.

Take a look at their plays and views.

Compare to mine (which all of you are responsible for, and i give you the credit.

American Idol brought you here ONCE.

I brought you back.

Do not ever tell me American Idol made me what i am.

I will say what I fucking want to say. I love you guys more than anything in my life, and i cherish you with all of my heart, but i will not put up with every word i say being analyzed as a chance to tell me i’m wrong about the way i feel. If it keeps up, i will have no choice but to stay away from all of this, and that breaks my heart.

Your words of encouragement and advice and love lift me up like nothing else can, but the analyzation of EVERY FUCKING WORD I SAY just for the purpose of proving me wrong is unacceptable.

With every ounce of sincerity in my fucking bones,

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