Josiah’s Favorites and More

***so i never really tried like a direct communication on here, but i figured i try, i can’t stand not being able to communicate with all of you guys…its what i miss the most about the old days, a personal relationship with every fan. i’m going to try harder, how are you guys doing??

***ok this might get a little crazy lol….i’m sorry i just cannot sit and send out hundreds of individual messages. i can either make music or reply to everything…one or the other ( : but i love you guys so much!

mom is doing good, she was at my show, and it was so amazing! she had never seen me live. i promise i will come play shows everywhere so all of you can see one ( : i’m going to try and get to some questions…….( : i LOVE THIS!

Josiah’s Favorite food: My favorite all time food is pizza. i have no self control around pizza.

***for all of you that would like me to check out something on your page, please understand that’s so hard for me to do. i so would go to all of your pages if i could.

***like i said about the shows, i promise to do a very lengthy tour when my album comes out in september ( :

weather in morristown is great. i never realized how much i missed morristown until i came back.

Favorite color: green
Favorite movie: boondock saints
Favorite album: i have no idea yea ( : some old, some new, some crazy.
The release of “one last song”: i love keeping you guys on your toes waiting for it haha, i know it sounds horrible, but there has to be some suspense while you’re waiting for the album. what you’ve heard is nothing compared to how the actual version will sound. i want to make it as perfect as possible before releasing it ( :
Is there going to be new songs? tons
Are you watching idol gives back? i’m watching it
superpower? i wouldn’t want a superpower, they seem like more of a curse than a blessing. i did always wanna be spiderman…( :
more in a minute

Do you like harry potter? not really haha, never got into it
Favorite sport: SOCCER, i was a striker in school….love love love love love soccer, go arsenal
my hair?? haha strange question…2 in 1 shampoo, hot water, rinse cold, towel dry lol.
***i will never get used to everything that’s happening in my life. at heart, i’m a 19 year old boy, no different than anyone else…i never will forget how i was raised or where i’ve come from. it means everything to me that all of you know i’m a normal person. i love, i get my heart broken, if you cut me open i’ll fucking bleen like any other. i’m grateful for everything, but i never want to be seen as superhuman or celebrity. i’m thankful for every ounce of love and encouragement each of you send my direction, and it means the world to me…. ( :

***ok….so here’s what i’m going to do.

two new blogs: one for requests, and one for questions. i will make them and comment on them according to what they’re for……( : and then i will make a big blog to answer the questions all of you have….( : sorry this was so hectic but i love you all and i really needed it! promise to love me, and love each other, and i will love you forever ( :


Source: The “Josiah Leming” Tennessee Fan Site

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