Josiah’s Myspace Conversation

This is just some parts of Josiah’s conversations in Myspace.  Thanks for the this Kara!

well we’re too busy trying to open the outer eyes and interprate what the
fucking blur is that we’re looking at, that we forget to notice the inner
eye, that is very clear, and also brings a clear light to the outer vision.

***yes, of course there’s going to be a bit of mystery in the big outer
vision, but as long as you keep that inner eye focused, you’ll always have
just enough clear light to shine on the next few steps in front of you.

***fuck reality…the reality outside of your existence is only as big as
you allow it to be. if enough of us focus on the reality inside of us, and
our perfect dream reality, and work confidently toward it, then slowly we’ll
see that dream reality take over the actual reality bigger than we can

never get so caught up in the giant puzzle, that you abandon your own
piece. if we were to never put walls around our capabilities, and grow our
pieces as big as possible, love each other and allow our pieces to blend
together rather than jamming them together, i think we would be amazed at
the change that would take place.

we will pick this up tomorrow…but i like where it’s headed, it’s bringing
some good thoughts to my brain ( :

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