Josiah’s Newest Bulletin Post

album, september 2008fuck patrolling this page, haha i’m so over it.
i love all of you so fucking much, but i must retreat to the studio for a few months, in which i will not be back.My album is set right now to come out in september and i’m super pumped ( :’

i love you all so dearly, and i promise to make an album that is nothing short of honest, genuine, and real.

Peace out. I will leave you with some lyrics to ARCTIC OUTCRY WIND, my newest song.

I feel uneven, like the bones are pushing right out of my skin
And through my hair i feel the cold air of an arctic outcry wind
I feel unsteady, like another step could throw me to the ground
And layin there i feel the cold stares as the people gather round

I feel emotional, irrational, unbreakable, impossible to please
I feel my fingers on the trigger with a sense of urgency
I feel everything and nothing at the same time
Can a vagrant and a king commit the same crime
Or could it even be they share the same mind
As you and I, love
You and I



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