Insider: ‘Idol’ star stands behind ejected Morristown teen

This is an article from KnoxNews by Terry Morrow.  Thanks to Ligaya for the heads up.

Simon Cowell doesn’t like the fact Josiah Leming failed to make the cut.

Don’t you dare look back as we turn to go

There’s nothing left here for us

But salty eyes and burning skies

That fall as they ignore us

– Josiah Leming, “Plaines Overhead”

Simon Cowell is still a little miffed that Morristown, Tenn., teen Josiah Leming didn’t go farther on this past season’s “American Idol.”

“We should have put him through,” Cowell said. “I was all for it. I wanted him in the competition.”

Leming made a splash on the hit Fox series earlier this year. He made the top 50, but was cut shortly before the top 24 was announced.

The judges were split on the decision. Randy Jackson was never a big supporter. Cowell wanted to see Leming in the top 24. Paula Abdul, as always, loved him, but eventually voted against Leming anyway.

“I don’t know what they were thinking,” Cowell told the Insider. “I wanted him through, and I wanted another kid, the kid with the glasses, through.”

And now that Leming is working on a debut CD, rumored to be for a major label?

“I think I was proven right,” Cowell said.

When Leming spoke on the record for the Insider, he announced he was working on his first major CD. Plans called for it to be released in September.

Leming has gone on the record saying he’s glad he didn’t get tied up in the finals of “Idol.” His career has gotten a nice enough boost from the “Idol” exposure he got in January.

He’s landed a Hollywood manager and has fielded offers from Fox and MTV.

When he auditioned for “Idol” this past fall, he was living out of his car. Since “Idol” aired, he has moved back to his parents’ home in Morristown.

n HOLD ON, MISSI (PYLE). Actresses Shawnee Smith and Missi Pyle, who were featured guests this past weekend at AdventureCon, had to tone down their act when appearing on “Live At Five” on WBIR, Channel 10, a week ago.

During a rehearsal for a song they wanted to perform on the show, producers were concerned when the suggestive lyrics talked about spanking – and not in a bad way.

The women, who are primarily actresses but have formed a country duo, agreed to sing something a little bit more family friendly.

On Saturday, at an official AdventureCon VIP event, county commissioner Greg “Lumpy” Lambert was among the cool kids at the Smith and Pyle show. However, he was not part of the faux mosh pit. Seriously.

Smith is a busy Hollywood talent with credits such as the “Saw” franchise. She played the dimwit Linda on the series “Becker” with Ted Danson.

Pyle’s extensive film credits include “Anchorman” and “Dodgeball.” Her TV credits include ABC’s “Boston Legal” and Fox’s “Wedding Bells,” both of which had her in long-term roles.

n SHY GUY. “Hannah Montana” co-star Mitchel Musso attended the late-night AdventureCon party, but he didn’t participate much with the crowd. The reserved 16-year-old opted to stand in a doorway and watch Smith and Pyle perform their originals. Musso accommodated fan requests for autographs and pictures, but he didn’t join in the faux mosh pit formed around the stage.

“He’s shy,” one of the con organizers explained. “He’s young and in a strange town. He wanted to stay in the background.”

n Words to live by. “I realized that Judaism required me to give up something that meant too much to me – bacon cheeseburgers.” – Shawnee Smith (as Linda) on “Becker”

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