The Mint Videos and Josiah’s Comment

Yesterday, Josiah posted a comment in response to those people who didn’t like the new music on his EP. Mostly it was just about They Say. This is what he said:

everybody needs to stfu. anyone closed minded enough to pass judgement so swiftly can go fuck themselves. one would think you guys 70 years old the way you cling to the things you’re familiar with. buy it, or download it, or go away, it’s as simple as that. they are what they are, i wrote them, therefore they are under my discretion. if you don’t like my discretion, then leave me the hell alone. i don’t need/want your money.

Here are the videos from Josiah’s performance at The Mint last October 7. Thanks to AwesomeElle.

One Last Song

Modest Mouse Cover


Angels Undercover

1 Comment

  1. Honestry,I once surprised and he may think I am one of those.
    But it’s just because of I listened too many time his song ,and till now,I could listen
    almost only with piano.

    This is the reason I ordered his e.p and want to listen new with new arrangement.
    fully and many times.If he don’t need this kind of person(once surprised)’s support,
    I have to say “I’m sorry for my support”for him.but maybe quietly I continue.

    Here I can see no other comment,better not to write?

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