A Fan’s Recount of Josiah’s Concert at Memphis

by Lauren Julie

More Josiah at Memphis pictures here.

Me and my mom got to the venue about two hours before he was supposed to
perform, so we decided we’d eat dinner there beforehand. Luckily Josiah was
also there that early and was walking about before he went on. Sadly, i was
too chicken to waltz right up to him and say hi or anything, i just kept my
distance and watched him converse with other people for a while. One of
Josiah’s really good friends had been traveling with him and was going to
play a couple original songs before Josiah went on. he was really good–he
just happened to look like he could be Josiah’s cousin or even brother, same
blond hair blue eyes, and his voice sounded very similar. I got the
feeling Josiah was kind of nervous, he smoked about a cigarette every half
hour before the show and would just stand by himself and stare at the stage
with a sad, puppy dog look in his eyes. What really made me feel bad for him
was that by the time he was to perform, there were only about 25 people
altogether. Furthermore, only about 10, including me and my mom, were paying
any attention to him. THEN i turn around to see two blond, risque looking
girls throwing drinks at one another and one goes to pull her hair back
while the other takes off her earrings!! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!? It
was a very disappointing feeling to know that some people just don’t care and
will do whatever it takes to get attention. Then also to my dismay, Josiah
only performed 7 songs!!! I was looking forward to a few more, but i will
let him off the hook. He explained to us that he traveled 7000 miles in two
days then when i was talking to his friend he walked over and said
i am cutting this short, I am so f*cking tired!!!” He is truly worn out and
i do not blame him. Thankfully his friend agreed to go over with me to Josiah
after the concert and take our picture. He was on his way out the door to
have a smoke and i could tell he just wanted to get out of the place. I told
him that i am a huge fan and he said he really appreciates someone coming
down from Knoxville to watch him. And it made me even more happy to know I
was the only girl there his age, so I literally had no competition 😀
Overall, even though the concert was rather short, I cannot avoid the fact
that Josiah sounded 100 percent amazing. So much emotion went into every
song even though I could tell he knew that only a few people were listening
to him. He really loves what he does, and I hope that he never quits because
he will without a doubt have at least one fan who will always be there to
support him.


  1. Gosh, that makes me so sad that there were only a few people paying attention to him D: Josiah is freakin’ amazing and deserves more than just ten people D:

  2. I saw Josiah in Abilene, Texas. What, 4 or 5 nights before you? We arrived there two hours before he was about to play, as well, and while we were driving by the *bar* me and my Mom could hear him doing his sound-check. We stood outside and listened to him pretty much just mess around with the piano for a while, then his guitar, then it all stopped. With an hour and a half to go before his performance, someone pops around the corner with a cigarette in hand. I was also too afraid to say anything, but he kept glancing up at my Mom and I (who were staring at him) and then he’d look right back down at the floor. Then he disappeared behind the corner until it was time for him to play. He walked into the bar where me and my Mom were patiently waiting and stopped short. He realized that there were two people in his audience. Without even asking if we were actually fans of HIM, he jogged up to the stage and jumped up and began playing. Mid-performance, he went and took a cigarette break that lasted a good 10 minutes. Upon returning he apologized that he get’s a little “emotional” sometimes, and began to play again. Once he had had enough of the small enthusiasm me and my Mom were able to give to him, he stopped playing. He thought we were just two people out at a bar for the night. He looked up at me and we made eye contact. I shouted “Play Body and Mind”. Right when I said that his face completely brightened. He gladly played the song. With more emotion than any of his others. After that, he began to pack up. We went up to him and told him that we truly thought he was amazing. I told him that there are so many fans out there like us, but that due to location, they probably couldn’t make it to many of his shows. Overall an excellent night, I’m sure he’ll remember it as much as I do.

  3. Danny,thank you for share one good night for you two.(three?)

    I am far from US.so maybe it takes years till I can see his live performance.

    Recently I understand(true or not?)while I browsing Craig list,and I found his home town is so different..So many people on “musicians”ads are Country and Bluegrass musician,
    Not like other place.

    It’s hard for josiahI supporse.

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