Josiah updates MySpace; adds new song

As promised, we have the latest update on Josiah Leming :). Josiah updated his MySpace page on May 19, 2009. Leming sent out a bulletin to all his fans:

so…i put the snocap store back on the page, for those of you who haven’t heard some of the first songs i ever wrote!

…also, i’m going to add a new one every few days for a couple of weeks and have you guys some new songs!

i know you’ve been holding out and waiting on me, so i’m going to sneak peak you some of the things i’ve been working on! hope you like it ( :

i love you all dearly ( :


You can access his songs and give them a listen at his MySpace page. Updates when we hear them 🙂


  1. I’m so appreciate for his kindness,I (International fan)have just a little complain for SNOCAP(US only).I hope enjoy them and I hope someday we can follow you!(SNOCAP says they are working for International user,and I know it’s difficult)

  2. Yea, that is one downfall….hopefully it will be available internationally soon, everyone should enjoy Josiah’s talent :O)

  3. I hope so..One reason is,still there is very little chance to listen his song for who doesn’t know Josiah and having possibility he/she will love his music if only they can listen to them.But it’s law related,:( so difficult.
    I can wait,but I with we can make fanbase also here.

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