New songs; update from Josiah

Josiah is back in business after a short hiatus due to the passing of his mother. He has leaked two new songs onto his MySpace page. The first was “Maybe”, although Josiah removed it after a week and replaced it with another track, “Come On Kid”. Josiah has confirmed via his MySpace page that these songs are most likely going to make an appearance on his album. As well as new songs, Josiah posted a new blog entry and a link to his Twitter page. The blog can be seen below.

Alright… I know it’s been forever but I’m getting back into the jist of things…

In the past year I’ve been a lot of places, seen a lot of people, had a lot of chances, and made very very very few right choices. My mind tends to gravitate toward the things I can’t make right, the roads I can’t follow back, but I will try and force it toward the things that can and certainly must be done right this year. I’m now 20 and feeling less like a child every day.
I’ve got to get back to loving music. To feeling passionate about it. That will probably mean eliminating all the other things in my life right now that are obscuring the correct perspective to do that.

so i’m hitting the road soon ( : and dates will be added as we confirm them, but here they are so far. there will be many more i promise ( :

Sep-17 Thu Baton Rouge, Louisiana Varsity Theatre

Sep-19 Sat Austin, Texas LaZona Rosa

Sep-21 Mon Albuquerque, New Mexico Sunshine Theater

Sep-23 Wed San Diego, California House Of Blues

Sep-24 Thu Los Angeles, California House Of Blues

MAYBE Sep-27 Sun Anaheim, California House Of Blues

Sep-29 Tue Spokane, Washington Knitting Factory

Sep-30 Wed Boise, Idaho Knitting Factory

Oct-01 Thu Park City, Utah Star Bar

Oct-02 Fri Denver, Colorado Bluebird Theater

also…i’ll be adding new songs from the album periodically, no i still don’t have a release date…but i will let you know the minute i do…and i’ll be sure and keep you guys in the loop of what’s going on in my life ( : because i love you dearly and i know i’ve let you down. talk to you all soon..



  1. Can someone PLEASE!! Figure out a way to get come on kid and please send me a copy I’d appreciate it more then you know!

  2. i missed “maybe” and now i’m mad cause i wanna hear ittt. x] and now he has “lovely” up and took down come on kid. and i love them both. :]

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