Come On Kid; You, I Love added to MySpace

On Valentine’s Day Josiah updated his MySpace account with two new songs. The tracks are called Come On Kid (possible title of album) and You, I Love. Leming also included a music video for You, I Love and posted on YouTube at this link:

If you would like to see more music videos from Josiah in the near future, help the video get a lot of hits. Josiah promises another video when the video gets atleast 25,000 views. Josiah also updated his MySpace page with the following blog:

as most of you know, i really slacked for a while. scratch that, a while is a bit, and two years is more like a long damn time. when this era was nearing an end, i felt it appropriate to write a song from myself, to myself. hence, come on kid ( : i always feel like i’m so close to something great, something big, and that i’m holding myself back. either by not doing well enough, or not being ready enough. sometimes i just need an awakening, or intense motivation…it’s hard to find at times.

the best things i’ve realized recently is that i AM doing something great. YOU GUYS are something great. i can think of no better way to spend my time making the music i love for the people i love. music got me through so many tough things, and i can only pray that i make music that is worthy of doing the same for you guys. so play it up, live it up and let me know your thoughts, no matter how good or bad they might be. we all have dreams and aspirations, COME ON KID.

as for you i love, it figured it was time for one of those cheesy romantic songs people seem to like…so i hope you guys like it. i’m gonna attach the video, lets run this thing to everyone we know! it a couple months it would be great to see that video still circulating. (thanks to matt ruggieri for all the hard work!) when the video gets to 25,000 plays on youtube, me and matt will do another.

when come on kid reaches 60,000 total plays, i’ll put up a piano vocal version ( : it’s really cool!

thank you guys again for all your hard work getting this out there. i’m fighting hard for you guys in the meetings and such, we’re gonna do this. it’s gonna take time, but Bygod we’re gonna do. by hook or by crook ( :

love you guys!

Keep checking for updates!

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