Bulletin and Pictures

Josiah posted a bulletin last Feb. 7:

( : just wanted to say
that i love you guys, and appreciate the patience while the album is being put together!
i assure you it is close, and i am going to try harder to keep you all updated with info, pictures, and videos ( :

AND SHOWSsssssss

i have a new video on youtube, and new pictures, and comments always brighten my day…

(and if the business side of the art world takes much longer, i might just give you the album haha, fuck the money, fuck the bullshit, i just love you guys dearly, and am eager for you to hear it! so don’t worry, one way or the other, sooooon)

( :


Here are 4 new pictures…


New Myspace Pics and an Update

OK this update from Josiah is 5 days old, but here it is anyway:

hello ladies and gents ( :

i’ve been wicked busy lately, which keeps me away from the computer!

however it also means much is being done!

the 2009 album “Theysay” will be out in march!

i’ve just about got it finished, hopefully it will be complete before christmas.

If you haven’t yet heard the EP, i suggest you buy or illegally download it! ( :
(learning to appropriatly pay for the things you enjoy in life will make it much, much sweeter, but it’s your call)

anway, happy holidays.
don’t drink too much

see ya next year!


Josiah Leming

Josiah Leming

Josiah Leming

Josiah Leming

The Mint Videos and Josiah’s Comment

Yesterday, Josiah posted a comment in response to those people who didn’t like the new music on his EP. Mostly it was just about They Say. This is what he said:

everybody needs to stfu. anyone closed minded enough to pass judgement so swiftly can go fuck themselves. one would think you guys 70 years old the way you cling to the things you’re familiar with. buy it, or download it, or go away, it’s as simple as that. they are what they are, i wrote them, therefore they are under my discretion. if you don’t like my discretion, then leave me the hell alone. i don’t need/want your money.

Here are the videos from Josiah’s performance at The Mint last October 7. Thanks to AwesomeElle.

One Last Song

Modest Mouse Cover


Angels Undercover

Myspace Updates and New Pics

I wasn’t able to follow what’s going on, but was this bulletin about his smoking again?

Here’s a new status message:


And pictures with Matthew Taylor Ruggieri and friends. Thanks to Rachel and the rest of the people at the Josiah Leming Forum for finding this.

Josiah in London Update

Josiah’s Conversation in VFTW

For those who haven’t heard yet, Josiah posted on VFTW yesterday. You can read the whole conversation here. It’s official that he is now signed to Warner Bros.

Any news, jaimesinsaine?

nothin really just fucking long days in the studio. i’m finding that exerting myself mentally is about 10 times more exhausting than exerting myself physically. but i’m having a blast, things are sounding better than i expected!

Josiah, did you hear that American Idol showed you crying tonight?

nah, i don’t even bother keeping up anymore
like i give a shit haha

*insert chorus to theysay*

in a few months the roles will reverse, wait and watch…

If American Idol invited you to be a guest on the show or in the audience, would you do it?

at this point i’m doing everything in my power to seperate myself from the homeless kid on american idol.

i was a songwriter before AI, and i’m a songwriter now, things haven’t changed. just because of 5 minutes of airtime on the damn show doesn’t make me trapped in it’s crappy shadow for years to come. the music on the album i’m making will be a million miles from anything that has ever come out of the show, i can gurantee you that.

i’m not saying AI didn’t help me get my foot in the door, or give me the needed exposure to take off the ground as quickly as i did (thanks to awesome [sometimescrazy] fans, they know i love them), however it would be disgraceful of me to bask in the exposure i got from my 15 minutes on the fucking show and not try to more forward with my career, and fix the public perception of the “teenage, nomadic, freespirited, homeless, weepy, warbling, emo, car dwelling idol reject”.
isn’t it my responsibility to make them regret not putting me through? isn’t it anyone’s responsibility to prove wrong the people who don’t believe in them? or have we all gotten too fucking lazy? i have no problem biting the hand that feeds, it’s a necessary move, and if you look back in history it has shaped every aspect of current civilization. i will not settle for mediocrity.

now, as far as the album goes, it will be a mixture of some familiar tunes and some new stuff, i don’t want to give too much away. i can’t promise you’ll like it, but i promise no matter what is added, i will feel it with all of my heart and i will not let any additions take away from the emotion of the lyrics. i only write songs when i have something to say, so i’ll never be one to mask a shitty song with good production.

shit that was long……

can’t say this is advice, just a thought. even if it’s from the heart, it’s got to be relatable so if someone gets in your ear and offers a tip about reining some of it in or tweaking a sound, it might serve you well to listen.

yea, yea, yea, yea i listen to the people i trust.

i sure as fuck don’t know everything, but if there is one thing i know, it’s how to feel fucking pain, and sadness, and anger, and anxiety, and depression, and how to translate those emotions into music, lyric, and melody. i don’t need any advice on how to get my feelings out of my body, bc that is my version of crying.

but yea, of course if the producer suggests soandso sound here or suchandsuch here, i’m always down for giving things the benefit of the doubt. a lot of times i end up liking suggestions. but only extra musical suggestions and small arrangement things, i can handle lyrics, core music, and melodies on my own.

Josiah’s Newest Bulletin Post

album, september 2008fuck patrolling this page, haha i’m so over it.
i love all of you so fucking much, but i must retreat to the studio for a few months, in which i will not be back.My album is set right now to come out in september and i’m super pumped ( :’

i love you all so dearly, and i promise to make an album that is nothing short of honest, genuine, and real.

Peace out. I will leave you with some lyrics to ARCTIC OUTCRY WIND, my newest song.

I feel uneven, like the bones are pushing right out of my skin
And through my hair i feel the cold air of an arctic outcry wind
I feel unsteady, like another step could throw me to the ground
And layin there i feel the cold stares as the people gather round

I feel emotional, irrational, unbreakable, impossible to please
I feel my fingers on the trigger with a sense of urgency
I feel everything and nothing at the same time
Can a vagrant and a king commit the same crime
Or could it even be they share the same mind
As you and I, love
You and I


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