Cover of the Week: ALonelyHello

Hey guys, so to kick off “Cover of the Week”, I’ve picked ALonelyHello’s cover of “One Last Song”. It is an excellent guitar rendition of the song, and the vocals are awesome! Congrats to ALonely Hello! If you would like to submit your cover for Cover of the Week, submit your cover (or link) to


Fansite 2.0

Alright guys, so I’ve been contemplating what to do with the site over the past couple of days. Right now I’m working hard to promote Josiah and tell everyone about him. I’ve been telling all my friends and posting links to Josiah’s music on random music videos and going through chat rooms and stuff. So pretty much I’ve been swamped helping this dude out. I don’t have to do it, but I feel it’s my obligation as a fan.

So to get back on topic, I figured to keep promotion going, the best thing to do is also keep Josiah Leming Fansite. So I’ve converted my YouTube page to the Josiah Leming Fansite YouTube page. Im going to post updates every now and then on there and take song requests from you guys so that you guys get what you want to hear and promote Josiah’s songs at the same time. Check out the video below for all the information. You can access the Josiah Leming Fansite YouTube page here. Thanks guys, keep this going!

Help Josiah reach 11,000 fans!

Hey all! If you’ve been keeping up with what Josiah is up to, then you must know about the deal he cut with us. Josiah has promised us the new version of Come On Kid the second he reaches 11,000 fans on Facebook. It would be a great help to Josiah and the rest of us if you spread the word. You can access Josiah’s Facebook page at: . Spread the word!

Changes made to site

Hey all, I’ve been working on some tweaks on the site. Notably, I changed the Discography page to look a little more cool. Other than that I’m gonna work on adding some links and stuff to link you guys to Josiah. Keep checking in for more updates!

Check out Give You Love

Last Sunday, Josiah Leming posted a song ¬†called Give You Love. The song is not on the album, but if it gets enough plays, Warner Brothers might consider adding it. Lets help out Josiah and get this thing to 10,000 plays. Josiah has agreed that if it reaches 10,000 plays, he will put up Maybe back on his MySpace. If we want this album soon, we need to help promote Josiah in every way possible. Its the simplest things like listening to his music once a day. Also, don’t forget Josiah’s broadcast tonight at 6:30 PST. Also, if you haven’t already, add Josiah’s Facebook page, it needs 10 more fans to reach 10,000. Come On Kid, lets get Josiah rolling!

Don’t Miss Josiah’s Live Broadcast Tonight!

Hey all! Just want to remind you that Josiah will be performing tonight at this link. The broadcast begins at 6:30 PST (9:30 EST). If you have missed his previous broadcasts, you can find them at the same link, under the videos section. Don’t miss the new song Josiah will post on his MySpace page, as well. If you can’t see the broadcast, it will be under the videos section after the broadcast has ended.

Josiah Leming Live Broadcast 2/28

As Josiah keeps moving on with the upcoming release of his album, he performs weekly broadcasts at 6:30 PM. Luckily for those of us who missed it or can’t view it, Josiah posted the feed on his Stickam profile. You can watch the videoby clicking on the link¬†below:

Also, as promised, Josiah has added a new song to his MySpace page. It is called “Silly Fly” and it is played on the guitar. He performs the song in his live broadcast. Josiah’s next broadcast will be next (and every) Sunday at 6:30 PM.

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