Josiah live at South by Southwest

Josiah posted another bulletin:

Saturday, March 21st
Aces Lounge
( :

Would love to see you there!

Also, Angels Undercover EP is on iTunes and…
Lots of things to come soon…
aka tour dates, video updates, and album!

much love!!

Josiah in Tulsa Video

To Run

Seattle Video

Video by: madibabe123

More Memphis Pictures

More new Memphis pictures here.

Pictures by Sean

The Mint Videos and Josiah’s Comment

Yesterday, Josiah posted a comment in response to those people who didn’t like the new music on his EP. Mostly it was just about They Say. This is what he said:

everybody needs to stfu. anyone closed minded enough to pass judgement so swiftly can go fuck themselves. one would think you guys 70 years old the way you cling to the things you’re familiar with. buy it, or download it, or go away, it’s as simple as that. they are what they are, i wrote them, therefore they are under my discretion. if you don’t like my discretion, then leave me the hell alone. i don’t need/want your money.

Here are the videos from Josiah’s performance at The Mint last October 7. Thanks to AwesomeElle.

One Last Song

Modest Mouse Cover


Angels Undercover

The Mint

Josiah will be at The Mint in L.A. on October 7, 2008. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos!


Just updated Josiah’s family pictures section.

Josiah Leming Live

Sorry for the late update, but for those who don’t know yet, Josiah will be performing at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles again on Sept. 6, 11 PM. He said he will be performing “new songs and things of such”.
Anyway, for those who can go take pictures!

New Josiah Pics : Dallas Show

Just uploaded new Josiah Pictures, courtesy of Bruce. Thanks Bruce! Click here to see them.

Video: Dallas Show

Thanks to amylynn1220 for the videos!

Upcoming Shows

28 Apr 2008 20:00
Proud Larry’s Oxford, Mississippi
30 Apr 2008 19:30
The Loft Dallas, Texas
2 May 2008 19:30
Martini Ranch Scottsdale, Arizona
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