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Morristown’s ‘Idol’-ist Josiah Leming gets into L.A. groove

KNOXVILLE — Singer Josiah Leming — the former “American Idol 7” contestant from Morristown, Tenn. — came back home this week and did a short, last-minute show at the Square Room on Market Square. The opening act was The Royal Buzz, a band that his brother is in.

Here’s the irony: Leming is performing in the same venue in which “American Idol 7” winner David Cook will be playing later this month. Looks like Leming, who recently turned 20, isn’t doing so badly for himself, considering he didn’t even make the Top 36 cut on the hit series. He’s been touring and is making some changes to his debut CD, coming from Warner Bros. later this year.

“It’s been a big learning process,” he says of making the CD. “You can either go in, attack and get it out there or you can slow down.

“I get the idea that a lot of labels would have just thrown me into the deep end of the ocean and see what happens. We want to go for a commercially successful album.

“We all know what works on radio, but we don’t want to compromise so far that we go in another direction. It’s a fight. It’s a struggle … It’s wicked frustrating.”

He’ll be going back to England — and making a detour to France — this spring to work on some songs worthy of being Top 40 radio singles. Leming currently lives in Venice, Calif., near Los Angeles, where he dines on only the best — McDonald’s and In and Out burgers.

“It takes about a day, and it all becomes familiar to me again,” he says of being back in East Tennessee. “I find myself on the same roads back home, and it feels like home again.”

Killer role. The lovely Elaine Hendrix, who was born and grew up in the Oak Ridge and Morristown areas, will produce and star in “Eve,” an indie horror flick, Variety reports.

The story is about a woman who stalks supernatural serial killers. Freddie and Jason had better watch out. Hendrix is on her way, and she’s got you in her sights.

She comes home occasionally to see her relatives and friends who still live here. During the holidays, you may have seen Hendrix outside West Town Mall, protesting the cruel treatment of animals around the world.

Dancin’ shoes. She’s conquered country, pop and gospel. Now, Dolly Parton is ready to tackle dance music. She’s currently working on a CD with club mixers.

A date has not been announced for release, but she is writing the tunes herself. “Wee Bit Gay” is one cut, which Parton says is about a wife who can’t see the signs her husband is gay.

Meanwhile, she’s not pinning her hopes on winning a Tony if “9 to 5” gets a nomination. If she does win one, she’d be one of only a handful of entertainers who has been nominated for an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy and a Tony — the big four. (This is how big of a star she is: She couldn’t even remember being nominated for an Emmy.)

Words to live by. “I never much cared to be on television or anything like that. It’s all a musical thing for me.” — Josiah Leming

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Updates and a Video

I have just been told that Josiah’s SXSW show has been cancelled. Josiah and Blake Lewis was supposed to perform but they have both been replaced.

For more bad news, the album will definitely not be coming out this month. No official news as to when or if it will ever be released.

But to give you hope and tide you over, here’s a blog post from Matt (one of Josiah’s friends):


I don’t think I posted this video before. It’s Josiah’s interview with TV Guide:

Bulletin and Pictures

Josiah posted a bulletin last Feb. 7:

( : just wanted to say
that i love you guys, and appreciate the patience while the album is being put together!
i assure you it is close, and i am going to try harder to keep you all updated with info, pictures, and videos ( :

AND SHOWSsssssss

i have a new video on youtube, and new pictures, and comments always brighten my day…

(and if the business side of the art world takes much longer, i might just give you the album haha, fuck the money, fuck the bullshit, i just love you guys dearly, and am eager for you to hear it! so don’t worry, one way or the other, sooooon)

( :


Here are 4 new pictures…

Song Order in Josiah’s Album

Danny just emailed me saying that this might be the song order in Josiah’s album:

1. Heaven
2. Razorblades and Hand Grenades
3. Punk Ass Rain
4. To Run
5. Her
6. Set The World On Fire
7. 10 Wax Castles
8. Body And Mind
9. Arctic Outcry Wind
10. Over and Over
11. This Cigar

A lot of you are asking when the album will be out.  Last I heard, it’s going to be in March.  Also, I might let this site die. 😦  Not much support and help.  I’m running this all by myself and I can’t afford it anymore.   If any of you want to help, let me know.

New MTV Article and New Video

The original article can be found here.

‘American Idol’ Producers Never Intended To Block Josiah Leming’s Debut Album

A spokesperson for 19 Entertainment says his contract expired months ago and he’s free to release LP.

When MTV News spoke to “American Idol” season-seven contestant Josiah Leming last week in Los Angeles, it was clear that he wasn’t going to let any rumors of contract disputes stand in the way. Lucky for the once-homeless singer/songwriter, neither were “Idol” producers.Two weeks ago, news broke that “Idol” producers were threatening legal action against Leming if he followed through on plans to release his debut album in January on Warner Music Group’s Reprise Records. According to The New York Post, Leming’s contract with Reprise (which he signed back in May) might be in violation of the contract all show contestants must sign that gives producer Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment exclusive rights of refusal for management and merchandising and requires contestants to record only with the show’s preferred label, Sony/BMG.

It all sounded fairly ominous, but it turns out, reports of any legal threats had been greatly exaggerated. Commenting on the Post story for the first time, a spokesperson for 19 Entertainment explained to MTV News that “Idol” contestants are generally required to sign a contract that gives Sony/BMG exclusive rights for a period of three months, but “if the contestant is in danger of losing a recording contract because of that, [19] generally will allow them out of their contract.”

In Leming’s case, his contract with 19 expired “a few months ago,” the spokesperson continued, “so we are not sure what controversy people are talking about.” And in an e-mail, the spokesperson told MTV News that “19 Entertainment wishes Josiah the best of luck on his album release.”

When MTV News caught up with Leming at Warner’s Los Angeles offices — before we received this clarification from 19 — he seemed unaware of the entire incident.

“Honestly, legally, I have no real idea [about the rumored lawsuit], you know?” he said. “I had a good experience on the show, and I’m thankful that I am where I am right now, and they definitely helped push me along. … I’m thankful and I acknowledge they were a steppingstone in the process of me being where I am today.

“I wasn’t very familiar with the contract, so I’m not sure what repercussions would come of it, but like I said, the only thing that has ever been and is on my mind is the music, and moving forward on my career as an artist,” he continued. “I’m going to continue to make music, because that’s what I love to do. I did that before the show, and I’ll do it after the show.”

So now it’s all systems go for Leming’s Reprise debut, which is tentatively titled They Say. He’s currently promoting his efforts with an EP, Angels Undercover, and a video for its title track. He’s also about to launch a tour in support of the EP, before heading back to Los Angeles to put the finishing touches on his full-length.

“[They Say] basically goes out to everybody who doesn’t believe,” he laughed, “and everybody who doesn’t feel like I’m ready or prepared to go the direction I’m going, which is absolutely anybody and everybody.”

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